Inspirational Images – Listen Like A Coach

Coach Listen Like A Health Coach   I am sure you have experienced the recent surge in “coaching” programs out there.  Everywhere you turn another Internet marketer is developing or offering a “coaching program” purported to bring you amazing results. I even know of and Internet software and applications development company launching their coaching program too. The problem is, a true coaching program is not conducted where the client is isolated reading manuals or listening to a video.  Nor is coaching a situation where people sit on a webinar and listen to an “expert” give a lecture, tell us how they succeeded, or tell clients what to do.  In fact, just the opposite is true; coaches, like a trained health coach,  are trained to listen!  In fact we are trained to listen so intently that we “listen till you no longer exist”.   The “you”in that statement is the coach.  To do anything else is to mentor, inspire, guide, teach,and even motivate, but not to coach. I took a statement from the mantra of my Wellcoach  Health Coach or Wellness Coach training, and designed this motivational and inspirational image to share with you today.  Though it is advice given to every health coach during their training, it also serves as a great reminder for all of us to speak less and listen more.   How many marriages, relationships, even work situations would turn out much better if we all talked a little less and listened a lot more.     For more information or to contact HealthCoach Cathy go to     Like this:Like Loading…

food poisoning

Food Poisoning – Answers And Resources To Your Questions

Food Poisoning Food Poisoning Due To Bacterial Contamination When you get a bout of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, sometimes with fever, chills and abdominal cramps, (an illness called gastroenteritis), it is generally due to a virus; usually rotavirus or norovirus.  Rotavirus is a common cause of diarrhea in infants and norovirus is the commonest cause for serious gastroenteritis in adults, especially outbreaks of foodborne infection (think cruise ships).  Though you may feel like you have been poisoned, this is rarely a true food poisoning due to bacterial contamination.  These infections are treated with hydration, usually orally, although seriously dehydrated individuals may require iv fluids. Most viral infections – like a cold for example – get better by themselves. More serious illnesses are caused by several bacteria, also carried on food. Some of these bacteria can infect food at a processing factory and then be carried on that food all across the country, causing outbreaks of illness wherever the food is sold. Just this month there was a small outbreak of gastroenteritis in Kansas caused by a bacteria called Listeria monocytogenes which had contaminated the little individual cups of Blue Bell ice cream served at hospitals.  Blue Bell put out an immediate recall of the contaminated batch.  No one became seriously ill in this outbreak. But many people will remember the outbreak of HUS (hemorrhagic uremic syndrome) caused by a strain of E. coli in 1993.  Over 700 people, mostly children under age 10, became ill after eating undercooked hamburgers at 73 Jack-in-the-Box restaurants in California, Oregon and Washington. Four children died (including one who caught the bacteria from a child who had eaten a hamburger) and nearly two hundred others were left with permanent injuries, including brain damage and kidney damage.  That was the worst outbreak in modern history. What are the […]


PTSD – Over 5 Million Suffer in the United States

PTSD     Ernesto just returned from Afghanistan where he witnessed an improvised explosive device (IED) destroy a Humvee in his convoy, killing his best friend. Now that he’s back home, he’s no longer the easy-going guy he once was. He has angry outbursts at the slightest provocation and uses illegal drugs to repress his wartime memories. When Liz was seven years old, her stepfather sexually abused her. Now in her thirties, she wants to put the past behind her but can’t. She’s unable to establish intimate relationships and has frequent nightmares about her abuse. It may not appear that Ernesto’s wartime experience has much in common with Liz’s sexual abuse, but it does. As a result of the trauma they’ve each experienced, they both now suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. Who Gets PTSD? PTSD is an anxiety disorder that may affect individuals who have experienced firsthand (or witnessed) intensely traumatic events. Stressors known to cause PTSD include: violent personal attacks such as assault, physical and/or sexual abuse, rape, mugging or murder; car, plane or train accidents; military combat; captivity; and natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornadoes or earthquakes. Risk Factors: Although most experts agree that 1 in 10 children and adults has PTSD, not everyone who experiences a traumatic event will develop the condition. Experts are uncertain as to why some people suffer from PTSD while others, who’ve experienced similar trauma, do not.   Symptoms Symptoms of PTSD can occur months or even years after a traumatic event and typically fall into three categories: 1. Avoidance/Withdrawal. You tend to avoid activities, situations or people that remind you of the trauma. As a result, you may withdraw from friends, family and activities you once enjoyed. You may have a partial or total memory lapse of the traumatic event. For example, […]

anxiety in children

Anxiety In Children – Don’t Teach Your Kids How To Be Stressed

Anxiety In Children I recently read an article by Dr. Roni Cohen-Sandler about ways parents can prevent their stress from becoming their kids stress. While I generally found Dr. Cohen-Sandler ‘s article to be interesting, I have a difference in opinion to several of her points regarding the cause of stress and anxiety in children. For instance Dr. Sandler sites one reason for increased anxiousness in children these days is due to “much higher expectations for success — and at earlier ages — than even their older siblings”. Perhaps there are a few examples but on the whole, I feel with each passing generation since around 1965, students have less and less academic expectations on them. The term “the dumbing down of America” is now a phrase bantered about in reference to American students’ poor rating on a world scale. It’s no secret that America has an unacceptable number of high school graduates who are functionally illiterate. However I agree with Dr. Cohen-Sandler ‘s opinion that the main reason children are more anxious these days is because the adults in their life are more stressed out.  With parents, teachers, and adults all around them are nervous, anxious, irritable and stressed out, it’s inevitable that anxiety will be transferred to the kids. Here again is where I respectfully disagree with Dr. Cohen-Sandler ‘s opinion when she says that “the biggest trigger for parent stress these days is worry about kids’ success.” While I am not implying that parents are not concerned about their children’s success, I do not believe that topic is their number one concern. The anxiety is more focused around money, jobs and other social and economic issues due largely to our failing economy these past 6 years.  Worry about whether or not they will have a job tomorrow and how will they pay the […]

health news

Health News – Healthy Food Rejected By School Kids

Health News After a recent switch toward serving healthier, less processed food at the school, St. Helena students are turning their nose up at the new cuisine and opting OUT of the school lunch program.  However, rather than continuing to model good choices, the school seems to be considering “going back” to the previous menu of chips etc. to get students back. In spite of the push toward eating more healthy, I think it’s important to remember that we can’t FORCE people to make good choices.  I feel bad for the St. Helena school which is reporting a 25% decrease in student participation in the Free lunch program, but isn’t this possibly a good sign?  I mean, in the end, isn’t it the parents responsibility to feed and clothe their kids?  And is it the taxpayer’s responsibility to make sure kids choose healthy food rather than starve?  Do you really think they will starve? I find this report a bit disturbing on many levels: St. Helena students rejecting healthy food in droves St. Helena students rejecting healthy food in droves 1 day ago … HELENA — St. Helena schools have joined a nationwide trend toward serving healthier food, but local kids aren’t buying it.   What are your thoughts?     Like this:Like Loading…

dont say this

Stress Free Marriage – Lesson 1- What Husbands Should Not Say

Stress Free Marriage     I think you will enjoy this video and the not-so-subtle message underneath. Long story short, after couples have been married a few years, most men learn this lesson, albeit the more difficult way.  Guys, if you want a happy, stress free marriage, watch this video and jump way ahead in the learning curve (grin).       Like this:Like Loading…

stress insomnia

Are You Predisposed To Having Stress Insomnia?

Stress Insomnia   In case you have never heard of the term before, “stress insomnia” is the insomnia that many of us experience during periods of our life that are most filled with stress. Researchers study the brain activity while a person sleeps by hooking a person up to an EEG, which measures sleep spindle activity (sleep spindles are the curly-loops formed by the EEG machine when measuring sleeping brain activity). Previous research has already determined that people with lower sleep spindle activity are more prone to waking during any noise or ambient activity.  But this study was conducted to determine if there was a correlation between sleep spindle activity and insomnia. Sleep stages: Insomnia is a problem almost everyone has experienced, especially during periods of stress. Though sleep research is a relatively new science, scientists have long known that there are four stages of sleep: Stage 1 – Individual are in a very light sleep, easily awakened Stage 2 – Eye movement and brain waves slow down, and sleep deepens Stage 3 – Very deep sleep with long, slow brain waves called delta waves – the individual is difficult to arouse, can be confused when awakened from this stage REM sleep – REM stands for “rapid eye movement” – this is the stage where dreaming occurs In experiments done at Concordia’s Center for Studies in Behavioral Neurobiology and PERFORM Center, at Concordia University in Montreal scientists examined the brain waves of students.  At the beginning of one semester, researchers recorded the brain patterns of the students during sleep. Several months later during finals week, when they were under significant stress, researchers repeated the studies on the same group of students. The scientists are looking for a way to treat or prevent insomnia, and were observing whether or not stress played a role in […]

healthy recipes

Healthy Recipes – Make Your Own Ketchup and Save Money!

healthy recipes   Healthy Recipes For Home Made Ketchup   Anytime you have the opportunity to make a recipe from scratch it will be healthier, more nutritious, and often less costly and more flavorful than that same food if you purchase it at the store as a ready-made.   This was the case recently when I stumbled across the amazing price of $.53 a pound for local grown tomatoes. I’ve been carrying around a yummy sounding healthy recipe for home made ketchup and decided that this is the perfect time to give it a try.   When I started assembling the ingredients I realized there were two items that I don’t have but decided to go ahead and make the recipe anyway because I don’t think those two ingredients are essential.   One item is capers, the other ingredient is tomato paste. I knew if I just cooked it long enough the recipe would thicken on its own and the tomato paste would not be essential.   Note: When you make your own healthy recipe for homemade ketchup, don’t expect the end result to taste identical to the mass-produced over-processed packaged in plastic bottles stuff you get in the store. The flavor is so far superior that you almost can’t compare the two. Also, this particular recipe is mild to moderately hot due to the addition of Tabasco sauce. If you have kids at home that you’re planning to feed this ketchup to you may want to reduce the amount of Tabasco sauce down to about a tablespoon or possibly none at all. Personally I think a little bit of zip makes it fun, but I know what it’s like with picky kids and you are better off modifying the flavors to please your family. Also, if your family is used to […]

wellness coach

Wellness Coach Will Help You With Your Health Goals

Wellness Coach How Can A Wellness Coach Help You Achieve Your Goals?     Being fit and in a good shape is harder and harder to do in this modern world we live in. With conveniences like cell phones, internet, driving, sitting in meetings or working in an office cubicle, it’s harder than ever to get the amount of physical activity needed to stay healthy. When people finally do decide to do something to improve their lifestyle and get in better physical condition, they often first think about joining various support groups or following weight loss programs.  But statistics are overwhelmingly pointing to an important step that needs to be crossed before any other action is taken.  A person needs to get in touch with what their driving motivation is – what are there ultimate goals?  What are they ready to sacrifice to get there?  What will “success’ look like to them?  The only way to find out this information is to hire a health coach or wellness coach as their first step! All of us could use some knowledge and support in life areas which are not our strong suit.  For instance, you wouldn’t drive a car without going to school and getting a license first, right?  Your body is far more important vehicle that serves you for a lifetime and certainly deserves the best possible care. But in this busy world we live in, it’s difficult to stay motivated to see our health goals through to the end.  Also, by the end of the day we usually are so tired that we can no longer even remember promises we made to our self for improving health. Fortunately, the art of finding a person’s motivation and helping you build a strategic health plan  is also someone’s field of expertise who will be more […]

healthy smoothies

Healthy Smoothies – Smoothie Recipes To Get You Started

Healthy Smoothies Are you making healthy smoothies yet for yourself or family?  If  you have not hopped on the “smoothie craze” then you must be living under a rock!  – just saying.   But no fear, it’s 2015 and we have a sunny new year ahead of us brimming with possibilities.  How about making this the year you try your hand at a fast, super healthy, scrumptious meal-in-a-glass otherwise called, a smoothie! If you have made smoothies before stick with me anyway because I have a great free offer for you too that I think you will enjoy! Some benefits of making smoothies: Made of Raw ingredients so you enjoy the benefit of maximum vitamins and minerals Fruits and vegies offer high fiber which is essential for colon health and lowering cholesterol Extremely versatile – the recipe combinations are limitless Minimal “messing up” of the kitchen since all that is needed is a powerful blender It’s easy to add protein power, tofu, or other ingredients to create a high protein drink that can function as an entire meal Inexpensive – no need to cook over a stove, no canning or preserving needed Inexpensive #2 – Buy fruits and vegies in season at a bargain price, then freeze for later use in smoothies FAST! – In less than 5 minutes you can blend up yummy smoothies for the whole family Older kids can prepare a smoothie as a healthy after school snack as they wait for supper Smoothies can be served as a desert Bonus # 11 – Less colds and flu Did you see bonus reason #11?  Yes, that’s right; once you start making fresh smoothies every day,  you will notice a decrease in the amount of colds and flu you are noticing.  I know this from personal experience so I […]

healing herbs

Healing Herbs – A List of Common Herbs That Heal

Healing Herbs Using Healing Herbs to Heal Common Ailments Learning about  herbal health has become a popular way to keep the body healthy without the use of pharmaceutical medications, or for some it means dramatically reducing the number of medications needed.  Herbs are widely used throughout the world to treat illness and have been used for millions of years.  Certain herbs heal the body from common ailments which can improve one’s quality of life and make life much more comfortable.  Examples of some of the most common problems which are helped or relieved with herbal therapy is: nausea, inflammation, and allergies, (just to name a few). Nature has many herbs that can improve life so this article will present a general overview and explain a few of them. Magnolia Flower Magnolia Flower is an herb that could aid in allergy and sinus symptoms.  It could bring temporary relief to common symptoms like watery eyes, nasal congestion, sneezing, and other allergy symptoms.  This herb could be added to tea. Garlic Garlic is an herb that is great for the heart. It improves cholesterol levels and aids in controlling high blood pressure.  It helps reduce the risk of getting blood clots and helps slow down the buildup of plaque in the arteries.  It’s also a delicious addition to food. Herbal Tonic Oil Herbal Tonic Oil is an oil that you can  rub on the chest and upper back and it works to improve circulation and relieve congestion.  It’s made of mostly sesame seed oil along with the healing herbs Menthol, Wintergreen, Camphor, Eucalyptus Oil, and Fennel Oil.  It could also be applied to the upper lip area to help relieve nasal congestion, great for use when the common cold is present in the body.  It just needs to be breathed in deeply for […]


Parsley – The Magic Herb In Your Kitchen!

Parsley Parsley – The Magic Herb In Your Kitchen! We all know parsley, if not by name, then by appearance. When we were kids it was always in our plate along with the hated veggies, and now that we’re adults, it’s still almost always in our plates ot drinks, as a garnish, and we don’t look twice at it. None of us actually appreciate the powerpacked herb, that languishes silently in a corner in our fridges! People from ethnic backgrounds have more exposure to the healing properties of parsley because of traditional herbal cures and remedies being more consistently present in their lives. This gives them a chance to appreciate more closely, all the health benefits that parsley imparts, and they in turn incorporate it more closely in their life. But what is parsley, really? And what does it do? Parsley is an edible herb that was originally native to the Mediterranean region, from where its use has spread worldwide. Most of the plant is edible- while we’re used only to the leaves being used as garnish and condiment, the root which is a tap root is also edible, and used in cooking as a vegetable in Europe. The leaves are used in a vast number of spice palettes, in various countries. It is also used in a number of herbal remedies for its chemical constituents. Parsley is extremely rich in compounds called Flavonoids, which are extremely potent compounds. In plants they are secondary metabolites, formed as byproducts of processing, but in humans, these flavonoids have been researched to have anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, they contribute to the body’s defense mechanism by their anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. Not just that, but parsley is anti-diarrheal as well. Its anti-cancer properties also being researched, and so far have yielded […]

winter garden

Winter Garden – What To Do In January

Winter Garden How to suffer through the winter doldrums?  By planning a winter garden, that’s how!  Though I cannot plant outdoors yet here in Southern Missouri, I sure have a couple things started indoors, with an eye of what I will plant next. About 6 days ago I started some flats of early garden vegetables and greens.  I wanted to see what seeds that I still have on hand will germinate and do well so I took a flat left over from last year and planted cabbage seed, mustard seed and a few herbs (thyme, basil and oregano). As you can see in the photo, the only thing so far to come up is my mustard.  It started shooting up on the 3rd day!  I will give it a little more time to decide if the seeds simply need to germinate or if they are no good.  These seeds were exposed to lots of INTENSE summer heat, sunlight, humidity, and all the elements I should have protected them from.  So I was not sure if ANYTHING would actually grow. Now I am turning my sights toward peas and potatoes, since they will soon be planted directly into the ground here in southern Missouri.    My winter garden consists of a few items I am growing from plant scraps, herbs that I managed to rescue from the grocery store, and a few other odds and ends.  It’s time to open the seed catalogs and start circling the items we want to try this year and placing our orders. Who do you use as a resource reference, source of seeds and plants, and organice pest control?   My all time favorite place that I have used for 25 years is GARDENS ALIVE. Check them out at their online website or click on the image – Let […]

growing your own herbs

Growing Your Own Herbs – Options To Consider

Growing Your Own Herbs People have been growing herbs in their backyard gardens for centuries, using them both for flavoring and preserving foods, as well as using herbs medicinally for healing.  Herbal wisdom was handed down from generation to generation as mothers taught their daughters and local healers and clergy mentor to their protégés.  In fact modern medicine as we know it today evolved from centuries of studying the effects of medicinal herbals. Many of the medicines still used today come from plants and herbs. Theme-based herbal garden You may choose to grow a theme – based herbal garden choosing only herbs that are, for instance all mmedicinal culinary, or all one color for example.  Many of the herbs we are very familiar with like siege and garlic for instance actually have dual roles. They can be grown both for culinary use in cooking, as well as having well-documented medicinal or therapeutic uses.  Aloe vera, marsh mallow, lemon balm, ginseng, and milk thistle are among the 15 most commonly grown medicinal herbs in the United States. For more information on this subject you can click here Perhaps you prefer a culinary theme? If so, then parsley,sage, rosemary, thyme, basil and dill are likely high among your first choices. (While listening to Simon and Garfunkel).  Here is some further reading you may be interested in. Salad-based Herb Garden Another option you may prefer is to grow a salad–based herb garden.  In a salad garden you would choose only those herbs that you prefer to use in your salads, dressings, and slaw’s.  A salad herb garden features herbs frequently used either as part of the salad itself or as an ingredient in the dressing.  If this is more your forte, then perhaps boarge, chives, horseradish and mint may be more to your liking? Review […]

holistic health garden

Holistic Health Garden – Mindset of Success

holistic health garden If you have decided to move forward with growing your own herbs, and if you can see yourself successful at holistic health gardening, understand that you have a challenging road ahead of you.  If it were easy- peasy, everyone would be doing it. Most people however, who decide to grow their own herbs end up failing due to lack of preparation and planning. Remember to stay focused on the motivations for growing your own herbs in the first place: Do you want to save money at the grocery store? Do you like knowing that you are not entirely dependent on grocery stores for your food? Is it important to you to serve the freshest and highest quality food for yourself and If you are truly interested in saving money at on your grocery bill, then you may well have the motivation to move ahead. You will need this motivation to see it through the hard times of spring freezes and summer droughts to succeed at growing your own herbs. Is it also important for you to know that you and your family are not entirely dependent on grocery stores for your seasonings? You wouldn’t have gotten to this point if self-reliance was not important. The indisputable truth is an independent individual wants to grow their own herbs, this point is important to you whereas someone who does not mind being dependent on grocery stores couldn’t care less about this point. Understand that self-reliance and growing the food you serve to your family involves as much mental energy as physical energy. Keeping a determined mind set with a clear eye toward your goal is as important as planting herb seeds. If you can’t picture yourself doing holistic health gardening and see the bountiful end game before you start,  […]

holistic health garden

Holistic Health Gardening – Planning For Herbs

Holistic Heallth Gardening Usually when a person decides to start growing their own herbs, they think of buying already-started plants from a store or garden house.  While that is an option, in order to reap the greatest financial benefit from growing your own herbs, the most economical way is to start from seed.  And before running out and buying whatever happens to be on the shelf, there is actually a lot of prep work that needs to be covered long before that trip to the store or to the internet seed catalog. To be most successful at growing a bountiful holistic health gardening plot filled with your favorite herbs, you need to do some preliminary steps first. In this article we will discuss these “planning” steps since it is January which is the perfect time to do this activity. In fact before we even get the paper and tape measure out you need to ask yourself this question; “Are you certain that growing your own herbs is something that you genuinely want to do?”  Do you have the time that is needed to devote to this or are you swamped for time during the spring and summer months? Or perhaps you like the idea but don’t like going out in the heat of the summer and dealing with the mosquitoes etc?  If you truly don’t do some introspection first, you may end up devoting a lot of time and effort now to a project that you will drop in a few months, leaving a sad-looking, bare plot of land with overgrown dead herbs that have turned to weeds. However if you can answer these following questions with a resounding YES then let’s move ahead to the next step: Do you want to save money at the grocery store? Do you like knowing […]

healthy turkey recipe

Healthy Leftover Turkey Recipe #3- Stuffing Crust Turkey Pie

Cheap and Healthy Recipe   Eat Cheap And Healthy Recipe Use up your leftovers while creating something new!  It won’t even look like leftover night when you serve up this fun pot pie with stuffing pressed into a deep pie dish – this is baked for a few minutes to “dry out’ and serves as the crust.  Leftover cubed turkey with seasonings, vegetables and other ingredients makes the yummy center. You even use some of the gravy as part of this pot-pie filling.  And what could be more perfect for the top of the pie than leftover mashed potatoes! In my house we like to sprinkle some cheese on top to make it just perfect! I originally found this recipe at Taste of Home (photo from taste of home website and pinterest). This is the photo provided with the original recipe.  As usual, we started eating the meal before it dawned on me to snap a photo.  That’s ok, my photo is not as pretty as this one from Taste of Home! Recipe: Ingredients 2 cups cooked corn bread stuffing  (I used our own leftover sage stuffing) 3 to 4 tablespoons chicken broth    (I used home made broth saved and frozen from a previous chicken cooking) 1/4 cup cream cheese, softened 1/2 cup turkey gravy    (again, leftover from turkey day) 2 cups cubed cooked turkey  (leftover, de-boned, bagged, labeled and frozen) 1 cup frozen broccoli florets, thawed  (we prefer lightly steamed, just to take the crunchiness off) 1/2 cup shredded Swiss cheese  (I didn’t have Swiss – I used Colby but I think Swiss would be great too) 1/4 teaspoon salt   (we don’t use extra salt – stuffing is salty enough for us) 1/4 teaspoon pepper 2 cups mashed potatoes  (leftover from turkey day) 1/4 cup half-and-half cream […]

taking healing herb supplement

A Word of Caution About Herbalism and Healing With Herbs

Holistic Healing With Herbs   Caution on Healing With Herbs   The World Health Organization “estimates that between 65 to 80 percent of the world’s population (about 3 billion people) rely on holistic medicine as their primary form of health care” – Wikipedia.   Many Americans wrongly assume “if it’s over-the-counter (non-prescription), it’s safe”; or “if 1 tsp is recommended, then 1 Tbsp will work better!”  This is not correct – what you don’t know CAN hurt you! Not only do medications have potential drug interactions with each other, but they may also be affected by dietary choices and nutritional supplements like vitamins, herbs, essential oils and home remedies.  In this article, I am not trying to sway people away from trying alternative and herbal therapies.  My goal is to encourage you to do some research and communicate with your healthcare provider before starting an herbal remedy if you are currently taking other medications. Unlike standardized pharmaceuticals, the potency of every herb and herb product varies depending on numerous factors. Soil conditions, amount of sun exposure during the growing season, age of plant, time and method of harvest, these and others all affect each and every growing plant Take sage for instance; a young plant grown in poor soil with many overcast days during the growing period will have a different potency (or strength) than a 2 year old sage plant grown in ideal sun/water conditions in a rich, fertile ground harvested and processed immediately. These and other factors affect the production and concentration of plant essential oils and active ingredients (nutraceuticals).   Seemingly benign products like herbs have potential interaction or interferring effects on other medications you may be taking. For instance, there are millions of people who take Warfarin or other anti-blod clotting medications for heart rhythm, valve, and other […]

grow herbs now

It’s December – You Can Grow An Herb Garden Now

Herb Garden   Start Herbs In December Growing a patch of herbs is not necessarily limited to outdoor gardens. in fact, herbs can be grown in various ways such as an indoor natural herb “plot” in your kitchen or a sunny windowsill. Another alternative is a large outdoor tub, or even a small 4′ X 4′ raised bed made of scrap lumber, concrete blocks, or a more expensive alternative like landscaping timbers. The small 4X4 square garden plot is still sufficient enough to grow a large variety of herbs that will keep the kitchen and medicine chest well supplied. Be sure to choose a location close enough to the house that you won’t forget to water and tend to it. You know the old saying; out of sight, out of mind. Also, make sure your spot gets sufficient light during the day to support a little household the growing plants. When deciding on which herbs to grow, think about which ones you usually use in cooking (culinary herbs). May I suggest sage, parsley, and rosemary for starters? And what would tomato sauce be without basil or oregano? Both are also easy to grow in most areas. Perhaps you are wondering which herbs to grow for medicinal herbs? The first one that comes to my mind is Aloe Vera. Perfect for burns and also can be used for digestive ailments or constipation (consult an herbal preparation book for the different recipes).  Or you may try the beautiful and healing Echinacea.  And believe it or not, not only is garlic yummy but it also has healing properties too! This dual function is typical of most botanicals we call herbs. You may be thinking that it’s too late in the season to start growing herbs? No way! Have you noticed that most grocery […]

UTI Burning Relief

Holistic Health Remedies for Urinary Tract Infection Burning

Holistic Health Remedies     UTI (Urinary tract infection) can cause severe medical issues if left untreated and it gets worse, or if you do not get the proper treatment for it.  If you have been diagnosed as having a UTI, it is likely you are already on an antibiotic for it.  But in the mean time, you can help your body fight off the infection as well as relieve the pain and discomfort by taking steps to lessen the discomfort connected with it. Urinary tract infections usually are identified by two tell-tale symptoms: inability to void (empty your bladder) entirely, and burning discomfort while urinating.  If you are experiencing both of these signs, then it’s possible that you are experiencing UTI and you should seek advice from your healthcare provider.  By discussing it with your healthcare provide, s/he will help determine f this is mild enough to cure naturally or if it is more serious and you need medications to prevent later complications due to untreated massive infection. In the mean time, here are some more steps you can take to help alleviate the pain and discomfort: 1. Apply a warm compress for a 15-30 minutes to help decrease the pain.  If this doesn’t work, you could take aspirin or acetaminophen to relieve the discomfort. (If you have no contraindications to those OTC over the counter meds). 2. Some women develop UTI after sexual relations. If this has become a recurrent concern with you, ask your physician about prophylactic antibiotics.  Prophylaxis means you are going to prevent an infection from taking place by taking particular prescription antibiotics. Take note that this is just performed in special cases where a person is so predisposed to UTI that he/she establishes the condition promptly after particular activities. 3. Use natural remedies, such as goldenseal, to reduce the general […]

holistic health

Holistic Health – Secret To This 110 yr old’s Longevity

Holistic Health   Wow – What an inspiration.   Have you seen this?  Today’s post is of a news clip with an interview of a 110 yr old man, Bernardo LaPallo, who lives in Mesa.  They interview him and ask him what’s his secret?  What does he credit his health and longevity to? Can you guess what it is?  Do you think he eats lots of processed foods, breads, greasy meats and junk food?  Not! Check it out here: Like this:Like Loading…

healthy recipes

Leftover Turkey – Now What To Do With All The Leftovers?

Healthy Recipes   Eat Cheap and Healthy – Carved Turkey Meat   The other day I posted a blog about the economics of buying and cooking a turkey.  A 20 lb turkey can run you about $20 which comes out to a little over a dollar a pound, when you add in tax  and subtract the bones, skin, etc. which will need to be tossed. Even so, keep this in mind.  The carcass & bones will not vary much in size and weight whether you buy a 10 lb bird, or a 20 lb bird; the biggest difference is in the meat availability on the bird.  So again looking at it economically, one would be better off buying the larger bird because you will have roughly the same amount of unused portion, but LOTS more meat on the large bird. On the day I cooked  the turkey,  we enjoyed  a meal of hot sliced turkey and stuffing with gravy , mashed potatoes and veggies .  Rather than covering the meat and putting it in the refrigerator  to slice  the the next day, I went ahead that evening and sliced off all the meat I could get. I separated the meat into light and dark meat. Once slightly cooled I put all the meat into a very large plastic container, then stored it in the refrigerator overnight.  As you can see in the photo, the container I used is left over from bulk lettuce from the grocery store.  I love reusing those containers because they are so very versatile. I was hoping to get a total of 10 cups of cubed meat from this bird. To my surprise I got much more! The next photo shows how I labeled and stored the meat. I took press-and-seal plastic sandwich bags and wrote with a black Sharpie […]

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Healthy Recipes – How Many Turkey Meals From One Turkey?

Healthy Recipes So after the turkey is cooked, the dinner is finished and the dishes are put away, now what to do with all the leftover turkey meat?  Well of course you slice it up, place it in storage containers or ziplock bags and return to the frige.  But the hard part is deciding what to do with it the next day?  And the next?  And the next?  And…  say wait a minute!  Does anyone have a plan for what to do with all these leftovers? Well, I decided this year to get organized!  (right?) I made a plan, and I am going to share it with you.  I want to see how many meals can I get from one big turkey.  In fact, just how long can I make this turkey last? So I set out to start over; because on Thanks giving day I did not have a plan.  In fact, we visited family so I didn’t even cook a turkey this year on Thanksgiving.  And I sort of miss the smell of turkey in the house. I am going to walk through my plan with you, tell you what worked, what didn’t.  Best yet, I want to keep a log to see how many meals can we actually get from this bird! First I started with the biggest bird I could find.  It was a 20 pound turkey, and I paid 20$ before tax.  Right there I am doing good – $1.00 / pound is pretty good price. So on Day 1 we had fresh roasted turkey, with the usual vegies (mashed potatoes, gravy etc.).   Since my goal is not to keep track of the full meal, just the turkey meals, I won’t go into detail about the vegies. My hubby removed the giblets from inside, washed […]

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Holistic Health Remedies For Immediate UTI Relief

Holistic Health Remedies – UTI   Are you tired of dealing with one urinary tract infection after another? If so, read on because  we are discussing the best ways to cope with the common signs and symptoms of a urinary tract infection. We will also share with you some quick facts regarding UTI, so you become aware of how it happens in the first place.  Be sure to watch the video at the end of this article too.  Additionally, if you are interested in a full 65+ page eBook, check the link at the bottom of this page. Origin of UTI UTI, or urinary tract infection, is a kind of bacterial infection that is frequently caused by fecal germs or germs present in human feces. There are at least six germs (including Escherichia coli) that are strongly associated with urinary tract infections. Ladies are more predisposed to establishing this kind of condition due to the area of the opening of the ureter, and due to the fact that the female urethra is shorter than males. The urethra is the tube that connects the urinary bladder to the external environment. Both females and males have urethras, but females have a shorter one. UTI is typically triggered by poor health or low resistance, as bacteria that triggers this infection is in fact present in the body, in the colon. Urinary system infections are generally treated with prescription antibiotics. Antibiotic treatment for UTI normally lasts one to two weeks, depending on the extent of the infection. Tips for discomfort relief Pain from a urinary tract infection can end up being annoying if you’ve medicated a long time for this condition. Here are some pointers to assist you manage UTI-related pain in your home: 1. Prevent using tight underclothing, as the warm environment created […]


Holistic Health – What Does Happiness Look Like?

Holistic Health Happiness   You all are probably aware of the famous Dr. Andrew Weil, but if not, you should be!  He is a well known Doctor who specializes in alternative and natural health as a complement to modern medicine.  In this video Dr.Weil makes some very interesting points about happiness that are well received. The holistic health practitioner Dr. Andrew Weil, along with a lot of psychologists nowadays, more often uses the term wellness, which recognizes that a large range of feelings are normal in a psychologically healthy person.  Rather than thinking of happiness as a goal emotional state that we achieve and maintain a constant level, happiness is found within.  Additionally, human emotions are cyclical with highs and lows, and as long as we don’t get “stuck”, it is perfectly normal.   Weil goes even farther, pointing out research that recommends that the common, non-crippling type of depression, generally treated as a pathology, may in fact be an evolutionary adjustment that helps individuals with focus and issue fixing. spontaneous happiness. Dr. Andrew Weil’s official website is a source of lots of great info too so you may want to bookmark it! Like this:Like Loading…

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Holistic Health with Herbs – Jamie Oliver’s Meatball Sauce

Holistic Health With Herbs   Holistic Health with Herbs – Jamie Oliver’s Meatball Sauce   The very savory and much-loved herb, Oregano is said according to legend, to have originated from Greece. The name “oregano”  originated from the Greek word “oros” meaning hill or hillside and “ganos” meaning happiness or joy and happiness.  Hence, oregano literally means “joy of the hill”.  Most likely because the very early Greeks regarded oregano as a sign of joy, since it was used extensively  for its medicinal value. Overtime, the culinary uses of oregano ended up being prominent in many Mediterranean dishes. Oregano, despite of its popularity in Greece, Italy and various other Mediterranean nations, was virtually unknown in the United States until after the World War II when soldiers brought home the “pizza preference” from their travels overseas.  Its appeal worldwide increased with the appeal of Italian foods, especially this American-favorite, pizza! Today, oregano is a staple natural herb in a wide variety of Italian food dishes.  Oregano is especially  well-suited for enhancing the flavor of tomato-based dishes.  It is also used in meat, fish, and fowl recipes.  Small amounts of oregano are also excellent when  mixed in with salad greens, soups, vegetable recipes, pasta sauces and also curried eggs. The adaptability of the oregano herb may be due to the fact that there isn’t just one oregano natural herb.  The oregano plant is classified into several kinds, and each type has its own distinct look, fragrance, taste as well as use in cooking. Greek Oregano is often referred to as true oregano. With its timeless poignant – hot taste, it perfectly complements any sort of tomato, cheese, as well as egg based dishes and is likewise referred to as the pizza natural herb.  Throw fresh oregano leaves in tossed salads for a […]

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Holistic Stress Management – Lack Of Sleep Causing Stress?

 Holistic Stress Management As a person who has a spouse with Restless Leg Syndrome and snores, getting enough sleep is a constant struggle for me.  So I know all too well the ramifications of chronic sleep deprivation, and have come up with creative ways to minimize the interruption to my rest.   How about you? Do you get the sleep you really need?  If not, it may be impairing your ability to function at your peak performance throughout the day. Take this little self-quiz to see how well you are doing in the “sleep and rest” department. Quality sleep is as important to our health as food and water. Yet, we often cut back on sleep in favor of “getting more done.” Chronic lack of sleep can cause a wide range of symptoms, including impaired brain function, memory loss, depression, weight gain and irritability. Long-term health issues include increased risk for heart attack and stroke. Answer the following true/false questions to discover whether lack of sleep is getting in your way: 1. Instead of feeling refreshed when I wake up, I still feel tired. 2. I have to have coffee to get going in the morning and often depend upon other caffeine or sugar boosts to get through the day. 3. I feel easily irritated, impatient and/or moody, and my relationships are being affected. 4. I feel depressed sometimes, but don’t have the time to deal with it. 5. I have a hard time controlling my emotions—and find myself at the point of tears without really knowing why. 6. I often feel overwhelmed, and my ability to handle stress is diminished. 7. I have difficulty concentrating and sometimes have to ask people to repeat what they just said. 8. My memory, in general, isn’t as good as it used to […]

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Herbs For Health – Basil and Lemongrass Help The Skin

Holistic Health with Herbs Basil and lemongrass are amazing herbs that work great with each other. Both basil as well as lemongrass oils can be flawlessly combined with one another. This combo is preferred for things, such as hand-crafted soap. Basil and lemongrass both have different usages. Basil has most often been recognized throughout the ages with food preparation (a culinary herb). It is also used as a medicinal herb due to it’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This enables it to properly treat a lot of variety of concerns pertaining, doing especially well with conditions of the skin. It has actually been utilized to address skin inflammations, skin infections, dermatitis, cuts as well as injuries, psoriasis, chronic eczema, as well as acne. Many people feel that a lot of skin irritations occur as a result of inadequate body immune systems or hormonal unbalance. This happens when an individual is not obtaining adequate sleep or is stressed out. Some specialists feel that the reason basil works so well with skin is because of its rejuvenating and energizing properties. Basil is also known to aid a highly anxious individual become more loosened up, which helps calm and heal the remainder of the physical body. Lemongrass, which combines well with basil, also has a lot of great uses since It helps to inhibit microbial development. Lemongrass is used frequently to stop bacterial development on the skin.  It can also help fight off skin problems brought on by fungi or bacteria, such as breakouts or worms. Lemongrass has shown to be very reliable when used in organic soaps  Lemongrass can help you attain soft skin by promoting the health and wellness of your skin. When incorporated with basil, the combination of essential oils in the two products can truly help improve the overall condition of […]