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Coaching News Flash – Kardashian Hires a Life Coach!

Coaching News Once again the Kardashians are in the news, and this time making coaching news.  28 year old sock designer and reality TV celebrity Rob Kardashian has told sources that he’s now planning to seek the help of a live-in life coach. Rob’s mother Kris Jenner and sisters Kim and Kourtney have reportedly been urging him to take meaningful steps to turn his life around for a while but unfortunately some of this advice was not well received.  Fans may remember a recent Twitter argument where Rob publicly called Kim a “bitch” and posted a (threatening?) picture of her.  (Youtube news video below)   What Happened To Rob: Rob’s psychological symptoms have taken a turn for the worse since the recent loss of his close friend Jamie Sangouthai.  The two were close and were even roommates for a time and supposedly spent a lot of time playing video games throughout the night.  Sangouthai died from a rare flesh eating disease that was likely caused by drug use.  And since all reports are that Rob has gotten even more recluse and alienated from friends and family.  He suffers from an extreme social anxiety, depression and recently he’s put on a […]


Sadness Unveiled – No Man Too Old For A New Star

Sadness “Star light, star bright, First star I see tonight; I wish I may, I wish I might, Have the wish I wish tonight.” As a child, we have that one star we want to reach, one dream we always dream, and one goal we are so focused to achieve.  From an early age, we have are asked about what we want to do “when we grow-up?”   At that time, we are thinking about a career or a dream.  And then life goes on. As we get older, we give our all to reach a certain focus or goal.  But as the saying goes, “the only thing constant in this world is change“.   What if at some point in time, you have a change of heart and decide to start a different path?  What if this new goal or dream occurred to you at a point in your life when you are older, when other’s are “winding down”.  Would it be impossible for you to still do these things you want to do? Most people, as they grow older, stop  dreaming.  They seem more focused on reaching the end of life rather than to continue to make new dreams and goals.  They’d rather work hard for their family or their self […]

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Workplace Stress in America

Workplace Stress   According to numerous studies, workplace stress has proven to be the number one source of stress to American adults.  In fact, we have seen an increase in the past few decades, and a dramatic increase these past 7 years since the recession started in 2008.  The increase which is assessed by the perception of possessing little control yet facing high demands is associated with the increase in cases of hypertension, heart attack, digestive distrubances and several other medical conditions.  In many municipalities such as Los Angeles and New York, police officers who suffer a heart attack whether on duty or off duty are compensated.  This is because they acknowledge the relationship between work stress and heart attacks. Even though there have been several rankings of jobs based on stress levels, they have little or no real significance. because what determines job stress is not the definition of the job, but how a person responds to that environment. For instance, there are people who would do well while under pressure (like public speaking to a large gathering) as long as they feel they still have a certain level of control over the situation.  These folks would not enjoy working in an […]

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Stress Affects What We Eat

 Stress Affects What We Eat Did you know that stress directly affects the foods we choose to eat? A recent Harris Poll Showed that 46% of Americans are less careful about food choices when stressed. Have you ever wondered whether stress affects what we eat?  If so, you are keenly observant because research shows that yes, it does.  Some will overeat, others don’t feel like eating much at all.  Many reach  for fast food on the run – or choose  “comfort foods” that are high in sugar, starch, and fats.  These can have a temporary calming effect, but they can also cause us to put on the pounds. Researchers at Ohio State University found that short periods of emotional stress can slow down the body’s process of clearing some fats from the bloodstream.  If fat is allowed to circulate in the bloodstream too long, it may end up being deposited in the arteries, increasing your risk of heart attacks In a nutshell, think of “stress” as the state of physical, emotional or mental strain or tension that results from demanding circumstances that we face from sources such as our jobs or from a variety of problems in your life. For […]

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Dealing With Stress In Seniors – The Stress of Aging and Loss

Stress In Seniors Changes. Older people do not like changes and, as people age, there are inevitable changes that are not for the better.  These transformations invariably cause stress in seniors, as bodies, that worked so well for decades, start to weaken and tire. You simply cannot do what you could a few years ago. When you try to shop until you drop, you drop a lot sooner.  You have trouble getting through a full day at work and doing chores when you get home is impossible.  It’s like your energy tank has been reduced to less than half what it used to be.  Your body starts to betray you, as your sense of balance goes awry and you fall down every once in a while.  Your bladder leaks before you can reach the toilet and you pass gas at the most inappropriate moments with no warning.  As you climb up a flight of stairs you think wistfully of the time when you could have run up those stairs two at a time.  Never again.  So many never agains. Old age is a time of never agains.  Never again will you hike ten miles or climb a rocky cliff.  Never […]


Inspirational Images – Listen Like A Coach

Coach Listen Like A Health Coach   I am sure you have experienced the recent surge in “coaching” programs out there.  Everywhere you turn another Internet marketer is developing or offering a “coaching program” purported to bring you amazing results. I even know of and Internet software and applications development company launching their coaching program too. The problem is, a true coaching program is not conducted where the client is isolated reading manuals or listening to a video.  Nor is coaching a situation where people sit on a webinar and listen to an “expert” give a lecture, tell us how they succeeded, or tell clients what to do.  In fact, just the opposite is true; coaches, like a trained health coach,  are trained to listen!  In fact we are trained to listen so intently that we “listen till you no longer exist”.   The “you”in that statement is the coach.  To do anything else is to mentor, inspire, guide, teach,and even motivate, but not to coach. I took a statement from the mantra of my Wellcoach  Health Coach or Wellness Coach training, and designed this motivational and inspirational image to share with you today.  Though it is advice given to every health […]

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Food Poisoning – Answers And Resources To Your Questions

Food Poisoning Food Poisoning Due To Bacterial Contamination When you get a bout of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, sometimes with fever, chills and abdominal cramps, (an illness called gastroenteritis), it is generally due to a virus; usually rotavirus or norovirus.  Rotavirus is a common cause of diarrhea in infants and norovirus is the commonest cause for serious gastroenteritis in adults, especially outbreaks of foodborne infection (think cruise ships).  Though you may feel like you have been poisoned, this is rarely a true food poisoning due to bacterial contamination.  These infections are treated with hydration, usually orally, although seriously dehydrated individuals may require iv fluids. Most viral infections – like a cold for example – get better by themselves. More serious illnesses are caused by several bacteria, also carried on food. Some of these bacteria can infect food at a processing factory and then be carried on that food all across the country, causing outbreaks of illness wherever the food is sold. Just this month there was a small outbreak of gastroenteritis in Kansas caused by a bacteria called Listeria monocytogenes which had contaminated the little individual cups of Blue Bell ice cream served at hospitals.  Blue Bell put out an immediate recall […]


PTSD – Over 5 Million Suffer in the United States

PTSD     Ernesto just returned from Afghanistan where he witnessed an improvised explosive device (IED) destroy a Humvee in his convoy, killing his best friend. Now that he’s back home, he’s no longer the easy-going guy he once was. He has angry outbursts at the slightest provocation and uses illegal drugs to repress his wartime memories. When Liz was seven years old, her stepfather sexually abused her. Now in her thirties, she wants to put the past behind her but can’t. She’s unable to establish intimate relationships and has frequent nightmares about her abuse. It may not appear that Ernesto’s wartime experience has much in common with Liz’s sexual abuse, but it does. As a result of the trauma they’ve each experienced, they both now suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. Who Gets PTSD? PTSD is an anxiety disorder that may affect individuals who have experienced firsthand (or witnessed) intensely traumatic events. Stressors known to cause PTSD include: violent personal attacks such as assault, physical and/or sexual abuse, rape, mugging or murder; car, plane or train accidents; military combat; captivity; and natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornadoes or earthquakes. Risk Factors: Although most experts agree that 1 in 10 children […]

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Anxiety In Children – Don’t Teach Your Kids How To Be Stressed

Anxiety In Children I recently read an article by Dr. Roni Cohen-Sandler about ways parents can prevent their stress from becoming their kids stress. While I generally found Dr. Cohen-Sandler ‘s article to be interesting, I have a difference in opinion to several of her points regarding the cause of stress and anxiety in children. For instance Dr. Sandler sites one reason for increased anxiousness in children these days is due to “much higher expectations for success — and at earlier ages — than even their older siblings”. Perhaps there are a few examples but on the whole, I feel with each passing generation since around 1965, students have less and less academic expectations on them. The term “the dumbing down of America” is now a phrase bantered about in reference to American students’ poor rating on a world scale. It’s no secret that America has an unacceptable number of high school graduates who are functionally illiterate. However I agree with Dr. Cohen-Sandler ‘s opinion that the main reason children are more anxious these days is because the adults in their life are more stressed out.  With parents, teachers, and adults all around them are nervous, anxious, irritable and stressed out, it’s inevitable that […]

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Health News – Healthy Food Rejected By School Kids

Health News After a recent switch toward serving healthier, less processed food at the school, St. Helena students are turning their nose up at the new cuisine and opting OUT of the school lunch program.  However, rather than continuing to model good choices, the school seems to be considering “going back” to the previous menu of chips etc. to get students back. In spite of the push toward eating more healthy, I think it’s important to remember that we can’t FORCE people to make good choices.  I feel bad for the St. Helena school which is reporting a 25% decrease in student participation in the Free lunch program, but isn’t this possibly a good sign?  I mean, in the end, isn’t it the parents responsibility to feed and clothe their kids?  And is it the taxpayer’s responsibility to make sure kids choose healthy food rather than starve?  Do you really think they will starve? I find this report a bit disturbing on many levels: St. Helena students rejecting healthy food in droves St. Helena students rejecting healthy food in droves 1 day ago … HELENA — St. Helena schools have joined a nationwide trend toward serving healthier food, but […]

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Stress Free Marriage – Lesson 1- What Husbands Should Not Say

Stress Free Marriage     I think you will enjoy this video and the not-so-subtle message underneath. Long story short, after couples have been married a few years, most men learn this lesson, albeit the more difficult way.  Guys, if you want a happy, stress free marriage, watch this video and jump way ahead in the learning curve (grin).       Like this:Like Loading…

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Are You Predisposed To Having Stress Insomnia?

Stress Insomnia   In case you have never heard of the term before, “stress insomnia” is the insomnia that many of us experience during periods of our life that are most filled with stress. Researchers study the brain activity while a person sleeps by hooking a person up to an EEG, which measures sleep spindle activity (sleep spindles are the curly-loops formed by the EEG machine when measuring sleeping brain activity). Previous research has already determined that people with lower sleep spindle activity are more prone to waking during any noise or ambient activity.  But this study was conducted to determine if there was a correlation between sleep spindle activity and insomnia. Sleep stages: Insomnia is a problem almost everyone has experienced, especially during periods of stress. Though sleep research is a relatively new science, scientists have long known that there are four stages of sleep: Stage 1 – Individual are in a very light sleep, easily awakened Stage 2 – Eye movement and brain waves slow down, and sleep deepens Stage 3 – Very deep sleep with long, slow brain waves called delta waves – the individual is difficult to arouse, can be confused when awakened from this stage REM sleep – […]

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Healthy Recipes – Make Your Own Ketchup and Save Money!

healthy recipes   Healthy Recipes For Home Made Ketchup   Anytime you have the opportunity to make a recipe from scratch it will be healthier, more nutritious, and often less costly and more flavorful than that same food if you purchase it at the store as a ready-made.   This was the case recently when I stumbled across the amazing price of $.53 a pound for local grown tomatoes. I’ve been carrying around a yummy sounding healthy recipe for home made ketchup and decided that this is the perfect time to give it a try.   When I started assembling the ingredients I realized there were two items that I don’t have but decided to go ahead and make the recipe anyway because I don’t think those two ingredients are essential.   One item is capers, the other ingredient is tomato paste. I knew if I just cooked it long enough the recipe would thicken on its own and the tomato paste would not be essential.   Note: When you make your own healthy recipe for homemade ketchup, don’t expect the end result to taste identical to the mass-produced over-processed packaged in plastic bottles stuff you get in the store. The flavor […]

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Wellness Coach Will Help You With Your Health Goals

Wellness Coach How Can A Wellness Coach Help You Achieve Your Goals?     Being fit and in a good shape is harder and harder to do in this modern world we live in. With conveniences like cell phones, internet, driving, sitting in meetings or working in an office cubicle, it’s harder than ever to get the amount of physical activity needed to stay healthy. When people finally do decide to do something to improve their lifestyle and get in better physical condition, they often first think about joining various support groups or following weight loss programs.  But statistics are overwhelmingly pointing to an important step that needs to be crossed before any other action is taken.  A person needs to get in touch with what their driving motivation is – what are there ultimate goals?  What are they ready to sacrifice to get there?  What will “success’ look like to them?  The only way to find out this information is to hire a health coach or wellness coach as their first step! All of us could use some knowledge and support in life areas which are not our strong suit.  For instance, you wouldn’t drive a car without going to school and […]

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Healthy Smoothies – Smoothie Recipes To Get You Started

Healthy Smoothies Are you making healthy smoothies yet for yourself or family?  If  you have not hopped on the “smoothie craze” then you must be living under a rock!  – just saying.   But no fear, it’s 2015 and we have a sunny new year ahead of us brimming with possibilities.  How about making this the year you try your hand at a fast, super healthy, scrumptious meal-in-a-glass otherwise called, a smoothie! If you have made smoothies before stick with me anyway because I have a great free offer for you too that I think you will enjoy! Some benefits of making smoothies: Made of Raw ingredients so you enjoy the benefit of maximum vitamins and minerals Fruits and vegies offer high fiber which is essential for colon health and lowering cholesterol Extremely versatile – the recipe combinations are limitless Minimal “messing up” of the kitchen since all that is needed is a powerful blender It’s easy to add protein power, tofu, or other ingredients to create a high protein drink that can function as an entire meal Inexpensive – no need to cook over a stove, no canning or preserving needed Inexpensive #2 – Buy fruits and vegies in season […]

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Healing Herbs – A List of Common Herbs That Heal

Healing Herbs Using Healing Herbs to Heal Common Ailments Learning about  herbal health has become a popular way to keep the body healthy without the use of pharmaceutical medications, or for some it means dramatically reducing the number of medications needed.  Herbs are widely used throughout the world to treat illness and have been used for millions of years.  Certain herbs heal the body from common ailments which can improve one’s quality of life and make life much more comfortable.  Examples of some of the most common problems which are helped or relieved with herbal therapy is: nausea, inflammation, and allergies, (just to name a few). Nature has many herbs that can improve life so this article will present a general overview and explain a few of them. Magnolia Flower Magnolia Flower is an herb that could aid in allergy and sinus symptoms.  It could bring temporary relief to common symptoms like watery eyes, nasal congestion, sneezing, and other allergy symptoms.  This herb could be added to tea. Garlic Garlic is an herb that is great for the heart. It improves cholesterol levels and aids in controlling high blood pressure.  It helps reduce the risk of getting blood clots and helps […]


Parsley – The Magic Herb In Your Kitchen!

Parsley Parsley – The Magic Herb In Your Kitchen! We all know parsley, if not by name, then by appearance. When we were kids it was always in our plate along with the hated veggies, and now that we’re adults, it’s still almost always in our plates ot drinks, as a garnish, and we don’t look twice at it. None of us actually appreciate the powerpacked herb, that languishes silently in a corner in our fridges! People from ethnic backgrounds have more exposure to the healing properties of parsley because of traditional herbal cures and remedies being more consistently present in their lives. This gives them a chance to appreciate more closely, all the health benefits that parsley imparts, and they in turn incorporate it more closely in their life. But what is parsley, really? And what does it do? Parsley is an edible herb that was originally native to the Mediterranean region, from where its use has spread worldwide. Most of the plant is edible- while we’re used only to the leaves being used as garnish and condiment, the root which is a tap root is also edible, and used in cooking as a vegetable in Europe. The leaves […]

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Winter Garden – What To Do In January

Winter Garden How to suffer through the winter doldrums?  By planning a winter garden, that’s how!  Though I cannot plant outdoors yet here in Southern Missouri, I sure have a couple things started indoors, with an eye of what I will plant next. About 6 days ago I started some flats of early garden vegetables and greens.  I wanted to see what seeds that I still have on hand will germinate and do well so I took a flat left over from last year and planted cabbage seed, mustard seed and a few herbs (thyme, basil and oregano). As you can see in the photo, the only thing so far to come up is my mustard.  It started shooting up on the 3rd day!  I will give it a little more time to decide if the seeds simply need to germinate or if they are no good.  These seeds were exposed to lots of INTENSE summer heat, sunlight, humidity, and all the elements I should have protected them from.  So I was not sure if ANYTHING would actually grow. Now I am turning my sights toward peas and potatoes, since they will soon be planted directly into the ground here […]

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Growing Your Own Herbs – Options To Consider

Growing Your Own Herbs People have been growing herbs in their backyard gardens for centuries, using them both for flavoring and preserving foods, as well as using herbs medicinally for healing.  Herbal wisdom was handed down from generation to generation as mothers taught their daughters and local healers and clergy mentor to their protégés.  In fact modern medicine as we know it today evolved from centuries of studying the effects of medicinal herbals. Many of the medicines still used today come from plants and herbs. Theme-based herbal garden You may choose to grow a theme – based herbal garden choosing only herbs that are, for instance all mmedicinal culinary, or all one color for example.  Many of the herbs we are very familiar with like siege and garlic for instance actually have dual roles. They can be grown both for culinary use in cooking, as well as having well-documented medicinal or therapeutic uses.  Aloe vera, marsh mallow, lemon balm, ginseng, and milk thistle are among the 15 most commonly grown medicinal herbs in the United States. For more information on this subject you can click here Perhaps you prefer a culinary theme? If so, then parsley,sage, rosemary, thyme, basil and dill […]

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Holistic Health Garden – Mindset of Success

holistic health garden If you have decided to move forward with growing your own herbs, and if you can see yourself successful at holistic health gardening, understand that you have a challenging road ahead of you.  If it were easy- peasy, everyone would be doing it. Most people however, who decide to grow their own herbs end up failing due to lack of preparation and planning. Remember to stay focused on the motivations for growing your own herbs in the first place: Do you want to save money at the grocery store? Do you like knowing that you are not entirely dependent on grocery stores for your food? Is it important to you to serve the freshest and highest quality food for yourself and If you are truly interested in saving money at on your grocery bill, then you may well have the motivation to move ahead. You will need this motivation to see it through the hard times of spring freezes and summer droughts to succeed at growing your own herbs. Is it also important for you to know that you and your family are not entirely dependent on grocery stores for your seasonings? You wouldn’t have gotten to […]

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Holistic Health Gardening – Planning For Herbs

Holistic Heallth Gardening Usually when a person decides to start growing their own herbs, they think of buying already-started plants from a store or garden house.  While that is an option, in order to reap the greatest financial benefit from growing your own herbs, the most economical way is to start from seed.  And before running out and buying whatever happens to be on the shelf, there is actually a lot of prep work that needs to be covered long before that trip to the store or to the internet seed catalog. To be most successful at growing a bountiful holistic health gardening plot filled with your favorite herbs, you need to do some preliminary steps first. In this article we will discuss these “planning” steps since it is January which is the perfect time to do this activity. In fact before we even get the paper and tape measure out you need to ask yourself this question; “Are you certain that growing your own herbs is something that you genuinely want to do?”  Do you have the time that is needed to devote to this or are you swamped for time during the spring and summer months? Or perhaps you like […]

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Healthy Leftover Turkey Recipe #3- Stuffing Crust Turkey Pie

Cheap and Healthy Recipe   Eat Cheap And Healthy Recipe Use up your leftovers while creating something new!  It won’t even look like leftover night when you serve up this fun pot pie with stuffing pressed into a deep pie dish – this is baked for a few minutes to “dry out’ and serves as the crust.  Leftover cubed turkey with seasonings, vegetables and other ingredients makes the yummy center. You even use some of the gravy as part of this pot-pie filling.  And what could be more perfect for the top of the pie than leftover mashed potatoes! In my house we like to sprinkle some cheese on top to make it just perfect! I originally found this recipe at Taste of Home (photo from taste of home website and pinterest). This is the photo provided with the original recipe.  As usual, we started eating the meal before it dawned on me to snap a photo.  That’s ok, my photo is not as pretty as this one from Taste of Home! Recipe: Ingredients 2 cups cooked corn bread stuffing  (I used our own leftover sage stuffing) 3 to 4 tablespoons chicken broth    (I used home made broth saved and […]

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A Word of Caution About Herbalism and Healing With Herbs

Holistic Healing With Herbs   Caution on Healing With Herbs   The World Health Organization “estimates that between 65 to 80 percent of the world’s population (about 3 billion people) rely on holistic medicine as their primary form of health care” – Wikipedia.   Many Americans wrongly assume “if it’s over-the-counter (non-prescription), it’s safe”; or “if 1 tsp is recommended, then 1 Tbsp will work better!”  This is not correct – what you don’t know CAN hurt you! Not only do medications have potential drug interactions with each other, but they may also be affected by dietary choices and nutritional supplements like vitamins, herbs, essential oils and home remedies.  In this article, I am not trying to sway people away from trying alternative and herbal therapies.  My goal is to encourage you to do some research and communicate with your healthcare provider before starting an herbal remedy if you are currently taking other medications. Unlike standardized pharmaceuticals, the potency of every herb and herb product varies depending on numerous factors. Soil conditions, amount of sun exposure during the growing season, age of plant, time and method of harvest, these and others all affect each and every growing plant Take sage for instance; […]

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It’s December – You Can Grow An Herb Garden Now

Herb Garden   Start Herbs In December Growing a patch of herbs is not necessarily limited to outdoor gardens. in fact, herbs can be grown in various ways such as an indoor natural herb “plot” in your kitchen or a sunny windowsill. Another alternative is a large outdoor tub, or even a small 4′ X 4′ raised bed made of scrap lumber, concrete blocks, or a more expensive alternative like landscaping timbers. The small 4X4 square garden plot is still sufficient enough to grow a large variety of herbs that will keep the kitchen and medicine chest well supplied. Be sure to choose a location close enough to the house that you won’t forget to water and tend to it. You know the old saying; out of sight, out of mind. Also, make sure your spot gets sufficient light during the day to support a little household the growing plants. When deciding on which herbs to grow, think about which ones you usually use in cooking (culinary herbs). May I suggest sage, parsley, and rosemary for starters? And what would tomato sauce be without basil or oregano? Both are also easy to grow in most areas. Perhaps you are wondering […]

UTI Burning Relief

Holistic Health Remedies for Urinary Tract Infection Burning

Holistic Health Remedies     UTI (Urinary tract infection) can cause severe medical issues if left untreated and it gets worse, or if you do not get the proper treatment for it.  If you have been diagnosed as having a UTI, it is likely you are already on an antibiotic for it.  But in the mean time, you can help your body fight off the infection as well as relieve the pain and discomfort by taking steps to lessen the discomfort connected with it. Urinary tract infections usually are identified by two tell-tale symptoms: inability to void (empty your bladder) entirely, and burning discomfort while urinating.  If you are experiencing both of these signs, then it’s possible that you are experiencing UTI and you should seek advice from your healthcare provider.  By discussing it with your healthcare provide, s/he will help determine f this is mild enough to cure naturally or if it is more serious and you need medications to prevent later complications due to untreated massive infection. In the mean time, here are some more steps you can take to help alleviate the pain and discomfort: 1. Apply a warm compress for a 15-30 minutes to help decrease the pain.  If this doesn’t work, […]

holistic health

Holistic Health – Secret To This 110 yr old’s Longevity

Holistic Health   Wow – What an inspiration.   Have you seen this?  Today’s post is of a news clip with an interview of a 110 yr old man, Bernardo LaPallo, who lives in Mesa.  They interview him and ask him what’s his secret?  What does he credit his health and longevity to? Can you guess what it is?  Do you think he eats lots of processed foods, breads, greasy meats and junk food?  Not! Check it out here: Like this:Like Loading…

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Leftover Turkey – Now What To Do With All The Leftovers?

Healthy Recipes   Eat Cheap and Healthy – Carved Turkey Meat   The other day I posted a blog about the economics of buying and cooking a turkey.  A 20 lb turkey can run you about $20 which comes out to a little over a dollar a pound, when you add in tax  and subtract the bones, skin, etc. which will need to be tossed. Even so, keep this in mind.  The carcass & bones will not vary much in size and weight whether you buy a 10 lb bird, or a 20 lb bird; the biggest difference is in the meat availability on the bird.  So again looking at it economically, one would be better off buying the larger bird because you will have roughly the same amount of unused portion, but LOTS more meat on the large bird. On the day I cooked  the turkey,  we enjoyed  a meal of hot sliced turkey and stuffing with gravy , mashed potatoes and veggies .  Rather than covering the meat and putting it in the refrigerator  to slice  the the next day, I went ahead that evening and sliced off all the meat I could get. I separated the meat into light and dark […]