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About Wellness Coach Connection

Wellness Coach Connection was formed in 2008 out of my lifelong desire to help people find a simpler way to maintain and maintain their health, without relying on medicine or expensive programs.

Hi, my name is Cathy and I am a Registered Respiratory Therapist with an additional Master of Education degree.  Growing up, folks called me a “health nut” because of my desire to eat “naturally” and holistically.

Recently I completed Biofeedback for Stress Management training from the leaders in the biofeedback industry, and I started narrowing down my health and wellness coaching focus to help those who deal with high levels of stress in either their profession and/or personal life.

Currently I conduct telephone-based health coaching with clients on a one-on-one basis, with the optional layer of biofeedback coaching for those who are interested.

To contact me with questions, or to schedule an appointment, CLICK HERE.

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