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Best First Aid Kit

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Self reliance first aid kit

Best First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

This is the one essential home item that you hope you will never need.

I have been assembling first aid kits for many years. Sometimes putting together something quick, like for a day-trip or outing, or often for a more lasting resource like for our camper, or my husband’s workshop. I have even put together kits for friends, and family members (like my parents, or children).

A couple disappointing things I have noticed when purchasing complete ready-made kits, is that they either stock it mostly with items I already have, or the kits are huge and stocked with items I probably will never use in a lifetime!

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This past year when asked to assemble a kit for my daughter (she hinted she would love one as a Christmas gift) it occurred to me that this great “starter kit” would be ideal for everyone! So here at Wellness Coach Connection we set out on a mission to make the perfect starter first aid kit and make it available through Amazon.

The Best First Aid Kit addresses head-on two huge problems with other kits on the market.

One, you will find other kits are packed with lots of items that are readily available at your neighborhood drug store or whatever-mart, and they are cheap to replace; like cotton balls and adhesive strips. They then count each cotton ball and safety pin, and market their kit by the high number of items in it! The consumer thinks they are getting a great deal, only to be disappointed. The Best First Aid Kit has smaller quantities of these items (for instance this kit starts with 10 adhesive strips instead of 30!) and then we add in items you probably would not find or think of with a starter kit, like a CPR shield for example.

Another problem with other kits is that buyers get it home and try to add their prescription meds, or inhaler, glucometer or whatever, only to find there is NO room, and the rigid plastic is unforgiving- it will not conform to odd-shaped bottles. I have literally needed to put our personal meds in a plastic sealable-bag and bungie-it around the outside of those rigid cases!

This Best First Aid Kit is intentionally “roomy” to allow room for some of your personal meds, and is made of a durable canvass in easy-to-spot Red color.

Some of the items include:
– Mylar Emergency situation blanket
– A CPR shield
– 2 pair non-latex Gloves
– Whistle to call for help
– Burn jell
– Tourniquet


This set is perfect for the real-life demands of vacationers, family home, recreational vehicle, children going off to college, and also numerous others. It also makes one heck-of-a-nice wedding or Holiday gift.

Finally, if after receiving this kit if you are not delighted with it, you may return the kit per Amazon return policy within 14 days with no questions asked.

For more information you can see this kit at

 Click Here If You Want To Go Directly To The Amazon Page


Best First Aid Kit – Let’s Take A Peek Inside:



Sorting Through the First Aid Kit – What Is Sterile Gauze?

First of all, gauze is a common material used in the medical field for wound dressings and bandages. Typically gauze is made of cotton and has been used for hundreds of years for its unique qualities. Cotton is:

  • naturally soft
  • pliable
  • absorbent
  • made from a naturally grown plant
  • readily available
  • and inexpensive

For these reasons, cotton is ideal for wound dressings found everywhere from operating rooms to personal first aid kits.

Every first aid kit should contain sterile gauze pads. They are white and sterile pieces of materials usually 2” X2” or 4″ X 4″, 8 ply (layers), and as described above, they are usually made of cotton. These are primarily used for general wound protection and absorption, commonly used along with an antibacterial cream or ointment to clean and cover open cuts or wounds.

How to identify the sterile gauze in a first aid kit?


first aid kit

What is Sterile gauze in Best First Aid Kit?

Sterile means “no bacteria” is present. In order to maintain sterility of gauze, they must be individually wrapped in a sealed in packaging. Once the package is opened, airborne bacteria and contaminants can “contaminate” the gauze so care must be maintained every step of the way to ensure maximum cleanliness. So to quickly identify sterile gauze from the pile, look to the items that are individually wrapped!

How to use sterile gauze?

Sterile gauze should be chosen to rest directly against a new wound or incision to absorb any drainage, and to protect the wound from environmental dust and contaminants. Your doctor will advise whether or not to use an ointment over the wound before applying the sterile gauze.

Before using sterile gauze its important to inspect the packaging before opening to make sure that the wrapping is clean and the seal is unbroken. If there are any tears to the packaging, the gauze will not be sterile.

It is also important when using the sterile gauze, or tending to any wound, to be sure your hands and surroundings are very clean. Otherwise you will be adding bacteria to the wound which can quickly lead to infection. Even coughing, sneezing, laughing or talking (which can accidentally cause saliva to spray) over the wound can contaminate the area.


For more information you may want to check out this resource from Medline Plus on Open Wound Care:

Self reliance starts with not only being prepared for life’s bumps and turns, but education as to how to use the products you buy! My recommendation for the perfect first aid kit to get started with is this Best First Aid Kit we sell on Amazon:

Self reliance first aid kit

Best First Aid Kit

My mission is to help calm & heal a stressed-out world by building stronger, healthier, more self -reliant families liberated from pharmaceuticals; with a greater understanding of our “Inner healing abilities” while teaching the next generation skills that will help build their mind, body & soul for life through Tai Chi and Qigong.

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