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Burnout Breakthrough Program

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burnout breakthrough program

Burnout Breakthrough Program

Burnout Breakthrough Program

with The Heart-Centered Stress Management System


5 week Program Consisting Of 1-on-1 coaching calls with Healthcoach Cathy

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Other programs teach you how to relax.  Relaxation is fine and is certainly important, but that is only part of the total stress management equation.  Relaxation alone will not shift your body chemistry away from pumping out stress hormones and damaging the body.  In the Burnout Breakthrough program you will learn the difference between “relaxation” and true “coherence” which shifts the body chemistry and energy away from stress, and actually normalizes the heart rate variability.  More importantly, you will learn how to shift to coherence anywhere, anytime.

Why is this important?  Because you may be in highly stressful situations many times throughout a single day, often work related.  For instance, if you are a firefighter, you need the adrenaline pumping and high-energy so that you can maintain the strength to carry out your important job.  You cannot take that time to try and “relax”.  However, learning how to shift into coherence will allow you to make a true physiologic shift while still maintaining that high-energy state.




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