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Coaching News Flash – Kardashian Hires a Life Coach!

By on 06/30/2015
coaching news

Coaching News

Once again the Kardashians are in the news, and this time making coaching news.  28 year old sock designer and reality TV celebrity Rob Kardashian has told sources that he’s now planning to seek the help of a live-in life coach. Rob’s mother Kris Jenner and sisters Kim and Kourtney have reportedly been urging him to take meaningful steps to turn his life around for a while but unfortunately some of this advice was not well received.  Fans may remember a recent Twitter argument where Rob publicly called Kim a “bitch” and posted a (threatening?) picture of her.  (Youtube news video below)


What Happened To Rob:

Rob’s psychological symptoms have taken a turn for the worse since the recent loss of his close friend Jamie Sangouthai.  The two were close and were even roommates for a time and supposedly spent a lot of time playing video games throughout the night.  Sangouthai died from a rare flesh eating disease that was likely caused by drug use.  And since all reports are that Rob has gotten even more recluse and alienated from friends and family.  He suffers from an extreme social anxiety, depression and recently he’s put on a lot of weight.


Kim Opines about Rob:

His mother and manager Kris Jenner has said that she doesn’t want him on the set of Keeping Up with the Kardashians while he’s “emotionally unstable.”  But despite her cold business acumen Kris says she’s “worried sick” about her son and that if he doesn’t change something fast he’ll die.  In a tearful TV commentary Ms. Jenner can be seen confessing that she’s just waiting to hear the awful news.


Rob reportedly has trouble sleeping and has become addicted to fast food and online gambling.  Recently though he has admitted that he needs to change things around and has reached out to his family for help.  The live in life coach is expected to give him support with his diet and workouts.  He’s also made up with Kim on Twitter.

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