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How to cook fresh pumpkin for fresh pumpkin pie

By on 11/25/2013
cook pumpkin

To you, does a home-made pumpkin pie mean buying a can of Libby’s at the store and cooking it in a pre-made frozen Ritz pie crust?  Well, guess what.  That can of pumpkin, even though the store says its on sale, still costs more and is less nutritious than cooking the pumpkin from scratch.  In fact, its way easier than you may think!  When you cook up your own pumpkin you not only eat cheaper but healthier too.

There are several ways of cooking pumpkin.  Here is a video from “easymeworld”  where we are shown you not only how to cook the pumpkin, but she also offers a recipe right there on youtube.

I will offer my recipe next, but first let’s just learn how to cook a fresh pumpkin.

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