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Aromatherapy With Essential Oils To Improve Mood

By on 08/11/2015
essential oils to improve mood

Essential Oils To Improve Mood

Aromatherapy can be described as the use of essential oils (fragrant substances) to improve health.  One strategy for use of essential oils is to employ essential oils to improve mood, relieve anxiety, relax, and decrease stress.  The therapy can be used to significantly improve the mood of any individual.  Highly concentrated aromatic substances are either applied to the skin,  or inhaled after diffusing the scent into the air with one of several types of diffusers.  Fragrant substances are distilled from plants and the most common for recipes are two; lemon and lavender.  The essential oils interact with cells in the brain and body resulting with an improvement in an individual’s need.

People who have used essential oils made from home-made recipes or bought manufactured products have stated that Aromatherapy actually works. Some of the most effective recipes for Aromatherapy are as follows:

Lemon essential oils

Recipe to make at home: Use the lemon peel to create your own lemon essential oil:

  • Ingredients – cold pressed olive oil and 1 lemon
  • Directions – grate the lemon peels and fill a small glass hallway with the same. The rest of the bottle should be filled with olive oil or other carrier oil.  Set the bottle on a windowsill or expose it to the sun for at least 3 days.  Remember to shake the bottle a few times every day.  By the third day, you will have successfully created a lemon essential oil.  Store the oil at room temperature in an airtight container.   I recommend to use fresh right away  – this recipe is for external use only.


Lavender essential oils

Recipe to make at home:  For this project, use dry or fresh lavender buds:

  • Ingredients – dry or fresh lavender buds, two jars (one with a tight fitting lid) and alcohol (preferably vodka)
  • Directions – crush the buds to release the oil. Add crushed lavender buds to a jar with a tight fitting lid. Cover the peels in vodka or alcohol in the same jar. Remember to shake the jar with lavender oil a few times every day. On the third day, place a clean cloth and on top of the second jar and strain the liquid from the jar with oil from crushed lavender buds. Letting it sit will allow the alcohol to evaporate leaving you with lavender essential oil.

These are the two most effective recipes for homemade aromatherapy essential oils.  The majority of people who have used them have experienced positive results.   I recommend to use fresh right away – this recipe is for external use only

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