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Happiness – What Good Is It To Feel Good? pt2

By on 10/28/2014



What benefit is there to being happy other than, well, just feeling good?  Does it actually have any short or long-term benefit?  Surely it cannot change or affect the physical body just by being happy, right?   And what’s more, people are either born with a happy or sad disposition, and there is nothing s/he can do about it, right?

Not so!  Volumes of new research is finding that there is MUCH more to feeling happy than just, feeling good.  Happiness and positive feelings actually change our whole physical and chemical composition!  What’s more, it actually has lasting long-term benefits too.

Better yet, we no longer have to resign ourself to believing that we are either born happy or sad with no change of changing things.  We CAN change our emotions!  It does not happen overnight but yes, everyone can change how they feel emotionally.

One of the formost leaders in the “science of positivity” movement is Dr. Barbara Fredrickson .   Watch this short, 10 minute, part 2 interview with Dr. Barbara and you will see what I mean.

Part 2 of a 3part video interview with Dr. Barbara Fredrickson at Chappel Hill

Looking for some positive inspirational quotes?  Check out this inspirational slide show.

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