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Happiness Is Yours Today – 6 Tips To Improve Your Mood

By on 08/18/2015


6 Happiness Tips you can do today to turn your mood around just by thinking positively 

A positive mindset has been attributed to a happier and healthier life, making it highly recommended for everyone to be proactive about thinking  good thoughts in order to experience a happier life. But the question is, ‘how can one think positive thoughts when having a bad day? How can you have a positive mindset if your mood is grim?

That is where I come in.  After careful and comprehensive research, I have found many ways ways in which you can turn your mood around using a positive mindset; in this article we are going to look at just 6.  So if you have been feeling frustrated or grumpy (or a friend hints that you need to lighten up),  keep reading!

1. Use Humor

If you listen closely, you will find that the biggest comedians in the business create their content from a place of pain. Just look at Rodney Dangerfield, or Bernie Mac; two of the greatest comedians who were still cracking up audiences in the middle of battling personal sickness.

The truth is that there is great medicine in humor, and by finding the best in a bad situation you can turn negativity into positivity.  Consider ditching the horror or terror books, movies or shows you watch and replace them with comedies.


happiness is having good friends

2.  Hang around Positive People

As humans, we take in the mood and the thinking of those around us. Similar to the advice that says you should hang around smart and ambitious people if you want to succeed, I recommend hanging around positive people if you want to have a positive mindset.  A friend of mine quotes this fameous saying all the time:  “you are an average of your 5 closest friends”.  This is what the saying means; look at your 5 closest friends/acquaintances  whom you hang around most the time.

Perhaps you don’t get to see or talk to your favorite friend except once a month or so.  In that case look at the people you associate with at work.  Are they negative?  Do they remind you of Eeyore on Winnie The Pooh?  “Oh deer, oh my…”  If so, ditch them.  Find others to hang with or do something else on break.  They are helping you stay unhappy

If you feel yourself thinking negative thoughts and harboring a bad mood, call a family member or friend with a bright outlook and let them give you some words of encouragement.

3. Start Your Day on a Positive Note

The beginning of your day sets the tone for how the next couple of hours will be like.  By starting your day with positive affirmation, whether that is through prayer, meditation, taking a walk, or reading an inspiring book, you can guarantee a positive mindset and an upbeat mood throughout the day.

The past few years have seen a surge of positive affirmations and quotes on the internet so there is no lack of resources.  It is difficult to pick up a magazine or read a story without some positive quote.  Find those that resonate with you and write them down.  Perhaps even take one with you for a day, week or however long it remains meaningful to you at that time.

Remember that as our life situation changes, we need different motivations and affirmations, so start a collection of them to grab and use each day, or each time your situation changes.  Buy an affirmations desk calendar or subscribe to an email daily inspiration for a morning inspiration.

4. Go Out and Exercise

Time and time again, numerous studies have proven that exercise can improve your mood dramatically.  And when I say exercise I don’t mean you must go to the gym and lift weights till you are sweaty.  Exercise for you may be leaving work during lunch hour and just walking around the block as much as you can.  Or if you don’t have a location conducive to walking outside, try my little secret; walk the stairway!  Yep!  I have done this for numerous years!  (partly because I am claustrophobic and hate elevators).  Anytime you need to just get moving, whether you are sitting in an all-day convention or working in a skyscraper, you can get a fabulous workout by walking up and down a few levels in the stairway.   (Caution – make sure the door does not lock behind you or you will be locked into the stairway.  Ask me how I learned that one the hard way!)  

By exercising on a regular basis you can increase your energy levels, get rid of tension and stress, and boost your serotonin levels (happy hormones).

The best time to exercise is the time that works for your schedule and you will stick to it.  For instance, I may prefer evenings after work but I know that when I get home, family demands pull me in different directions so I end up not getting the workout in.  I have to exercise in the morning before everyone else is awake in order to be successful,  Remember, by exercising regularly, not only will you feel good, you will tone up and perhaps drop a few pounds as well.

happiness5. Appreciate the Small Things

In our busy and hectic world, it is easy to overlook the small blessings around us.  For instance, most of us take for granted the hot water that comes out of the shower head, the electricity that is delivered when we plug something in, and countless other small conveniences throughout our day.  Even the people in our lives who mean so much to us; our family, friends, good weather, tasty food, and a fun job.  Usually we take these things for granted unless something happens and they are not available or something is not working.  We dwell on those situations of needing or expecting something but for some reason it is no longer available.  THAT is a big disruption and we focus on the disruption, rather than all the other time when it worked.

However by taking notice of and appreciating the small things each and every day, our happiness levels will automatically begin to increase.  We start to focus on “thank you for this” or “wow it’s great to have that”, or even “just think what our forefathers had to do when they did not have such-and-such”.  In other words, we focus all the time on the good things in our life – that is what appreciation journals are all about.

An appreciation journal is a way of taking a few minutes each day to write down what you noticed or appreciate in your life today.  Why write it in a journal?  Because if we don’t take the time out to write it down, most of us will never get to it.  That “time to appreciate” will be put on the back burner and never get done.

happiness6. Smile

They say “Smile first, happiness will follow”.  What this means is this; if you make yourself smile, there is something that happens in the neuro-chemistry of our brains that changes our mood for the better.  Is it because of a lifetime of association between the smile and a happy feeling?  Is it because people around us start to respond differently?  Is it because we start to radiate a different vibration?  I don’t know, but I believe a combination of all 3 are true.  But if you don’t believe me, try it yourself.  I am not talking about walking around with an ear-to-ear grin when you are having an awful day (although that image itself just made me chuckle out loud!).  Instead start with a grin; come on, you can do it.  Turn your mouth up and smile.  See there?  Now go try that throughout your day today and see how it changes things.

As you can see, positive thinking and happy moods go hand in hand. By implementing these 5 tips into your daily life, you will begin seeing an immediate increase in your happiness, and the happiness of the people around you.

Good luck on your happier and healthier journey!

Before you leave, take a moment to watch this warm message from the Dahli Lama concerning Happiness:

Or to go directly to the youtube page, CLICK HERE


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