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Health News – Healthy Food Rejected By School Kids

By on 03/20/2015
health news

Health News

health news After a recent switch toward serving healthier, less processed food at the school, St. Helena students are turning their nose up at the new cuisine and opting OUT of the school lunch program.  However, rather than continuing to model good choices, the school seems to be considering “going back” to the previous menu of chips etc. to get students back.

In spite of the push toward eating more healthy, I think it’s important to remember that we can’t FORCE people to make good choices.  I feel bad for the St. Helena school which is reporting a 25% decrease in student participation in the Free lunch program, but isn’t this possibly a good sign?  I mean, in the end, isn’t it the parents responsibility to feed and clothe their kids?  And is it the taxpayer’s responsibility to make sure kids choose healthy food rather than starve?  Do you really think they will starve?

I find this report a bit disturbing on many levels:

St. Helena students rejecting healthy food in drovesSt. Helena students rejecting healthy food in droves

St. Helena students rejecting healthy food in droves
1 day ago HELENA — St. Helena schools have joined a nationwide trend toward serving healthier food, but local kids aren’t buying it.


What are your thoughts?



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  1. Nikki

    06/07/2015 at 3:53 pm

    That’s sad the school is considering going back to chips and junk. I think schools need to plan smaller changes instead of revamping the whole menu and also realize that it’s the ingredients, not the name of the food, that makes it unhealthy. Pizza and chicken nuggets can be healthy enough for a school lunch if made with natural, high quality ingredients. I’ve seen homemade marshmallows that are healthier than store-bought cereal because of the ingredients.

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