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Wellness Coach Will Help You With Your Health Goals

By on 03/02/2015
wellness coach

Wellness Coach

How Can A Wellness Coach Help You Achieve Your Goals?



Being fit and in a good shape is harder and harder to do in this modern world we live in. With conveniences like cell phones, internet, driving, sitting in meetings or working in an office cubicle, it’s harder than ever to get the amount of physical activity needed to stay healthy.

When people finally do decide to do something to improve their lifestyle and get in better physical condition, they often first think about joining various support groups or following weight loss programs.  But statistics are overwhelmingly pointing to an important step that needs to be crossed before any other action is taken.  A person needs to get in touch with what their driving motivation is – what are there ultimate goals?  What are they ready to sacrifice to get there?  What will “success’ look like to them?  The only way to find out this information is to hire a health coach or wellness coach as their first step!

All of us could use some knowledge and support in life areas which are not our strong suit.  For instance, you wouldn’t drive a car without going to school and getting a license first, right?  Your body is far more important vehicle that serves you for a lifetime and certainly deserves the best possible care. But in this busy world we live in, it’s difficult to stay motivated to see our health goals through to the end.  Also, by the end of the day we usually are so tired that we can no longer even remember promises we made to our self for improving health.

wellness coach

Fortunately, the art of finding a person’s motivation and helping you build a strategic health plan  is also someone’s field of expertise who will be more than happy to help you make and keep a health plan. This is the passion and purpose of wellness coaches and health coaches.

Wellness coaches are there to help others to achieve their goals. They cooperate with their clients on education and in finding the best ways to help them reach their personal goals.  Most wellness coaching sessions are conducted via phone meetings with their clients.  During the one-on-one time clients spend with their coaches, they craft  a personalized and graduated plan, then build in accountability with each successive meeting.

Not everyone who calls himself a health or wellness coach is qualified, so be sure to ask him/her about credentials.  It is also recommend to have an interview before hiring, to check your compatibility and build very much needed trust.

wellness coachA good wellness coach understands that you are going trough a difficult process where you will make mistakes.  But rather than focusing on mistakes, you learn from mistakes, adjust your plan and keep moving forward.  Your coach understands that the effort you put in your work, and lessons learned along the way, are far more important than the final outcome.  He also knows that the desire for success comes from within and never neglects your mental and emotional conditions for the benefit of physical appearance.

A Wellness coach is not a personal trainer, s/he is also your partner, as he genuinely cares about your progress and shares your goals. S/he wants the very best for you and wants to see you succeed. This is what a coach dedicates their life to.

The primary reason why most people never meet their goals lies in the fact that they can’t maintain a long-term focus on their targets. This is when wellness coaching comes to the rescue. This positive individual is there to advise you, inspire you and encourage you when your focus starts to fade.They are there to sparkle your motivation and stay beside you trough hard times. A coach guides you each step of the way and makes sure you stay on the right track. With the help of your coach, you will finally achieve your goal!


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