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Holistic Health Happiness




 Holistic Health Happiness


The first few moments of this video reference is made to a slogan President Obama used; don’t dwell on the politics because that is not Barbara’s point. Her point is to draw upon the inspiring message and how necessary it is for us as humans to look up, think positively, be filled with hope and inspiration. Then she provides truly inspiring information about the power of positivity and how it effects our chemical and physical body.

No worries – this is not a video filled with boring research data and medical terms. It truly is a “hope-filled” inspiring message.

Happiness – What Good Is It To Feel Good? pt2
One of the formost leaders in the “science of positivity” movement is Dr. Barbara Fredrickson . Watch this short, 10 minute, part 2 interview with Dr. Barbara and you will see what I mean.

Part 3:

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