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Holistic Health – What Does Happiness Look Like?

By on 12/02/2014

Holistic Health Happiness


You all are probably aware of the famous Dr. Andrew Weil, but if not, you should be!  He is a well known Doctor who specializes in alternative and natural health as a complement to modern medicine.  In this video Dr.Weil makes some very interesting points about happiness that are well received.

The holistic health practitioner Dr. Andrew Weil, along with a lot of psychologists nowadays, more often uses the term wellness, which recognizes that a large range of feelings are normal in a psychologically healthy person.  Rather than thinking of happiness as a goal emotional state that we achieve and maintain a constant level, happiness is found within.  Additionally, human emotions are cyclical with highs and lows, and as long as we don’t get “stuck”, it is perfectly normal.


Weil goes even farther, pointing out research that recommends that the common, non-crippling type of depression, generally treated as a pathology, may in fact be an evolutionary adjustment that helps individuals with focus and issue fixing. spontaneous happiness.

Dr. Andrew Weil’s official website is a source of lots of great info too so you may want to bookmark it!

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