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Leftover Turkey – Now What To Do With All The Leftovers?

By on 12/09/2014
healthy recipes

Healthy Recipes


Eat Cheap and Healthy – Carved Turkey Meat


The other day I posted a blog about the economics of buying and cooking a turkey.  A 20 lb turkey can run you about $20 which comes out to a little over a dollar a pound, when you add in tax  and subtract the bones, skin, etc. which will need to be tossed.

Even so, keep this in mind.  The carcass & bones will not vary much in size and weight whether you buy a 10 lb bird, or a 20 lb bird; the biggest difference is in the meat availability on the bird.  So again looking at it economically, one would be better off buying the larger bird because you will have roughly the same amount of unused portion, but LOTS more meat on the large bird.

On the day I cooked  the turkey,  we enjoyed  a meal of hot sliced turkey and stuffing with gravy , mashed potatoes and veggies .  Rather than covering the meat and putting it in the refrigerator  to slice  the the next day, I went ahead that evening and sliced off all the meat I could get.

I separated the meat into light and dark meat.

healthy recipes

healthy turkey recipes

Once slightly cooled I put all the meat into a very large plastic container, then stored it in the refrigerator overnight.  As you can see in the photo, the container I used is left over from bulk lettuce from the grocery store.  I love reusing those containers because they are so very versatile.

I was hoping to get a total of 10 cups of cubed meat from this bird.
To my surprise I got much more!
The next photo shows how I labeled and stored the meat.
I took press-and-seal plastic sandwich bags and wrote with a black Sharpie marker “turkey” with the date and quantity on each bag.   My plan was to put 1 cup of diced turkey meat in each bag, then freeze the meat to use in recipes later.

What I ended up getting is:
6 cups (bags) of diced white meat
6 cups(bags) of diced dark meat
5 bags of sliced breast meat with enough meat to make two sandwiches per bag.

healthy recipes

Turkey for healthy recipes

Additionally I also bag and froze the left over gravy in 1/2 cup-per-bag measurements, and leftover dressing in 1/2 cup-per-bag measurements.   I froze the gravy and dressing along with the diced turkey.

Next, I want to see what yummy recipes I can make with this bounty.



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