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Inspirational Images – Listen Like A Coach

By on 04/22/2015


Listen Like A Health Coach


I am sure you have experienced the recent surge in “coaching” programs out there.  Everywhere you turn another Internet marketer is developing or offering a “coaching program” purported to bring you amazing results. I even know of and Internet software and applications development company launching their coaching program too.

The problem is, a true coaching program is not conducted where the client is isolated reading manuals or listening to a video.  Nor is coaching a situation where people sit on a webinar and listen to an “expert” give a lecture, tell us how they succeeded, or tell clients what to do.  In fact, just the opposite is true; coaches, like a trained health coach,  are trained to listen!  In fact we are trained to listen so intently that we “listen till you no longer exist”.   The “you”in that statement is the coach.  To do anything else is to mentor, inspire, guide, teach,and even motivate, but not to coach.

I took a statement from the mantra of my Wellcoach  Health Coach or Wellness Coach training, and designed this motivational and inspirational image to share with you today.  Though it is advice given to every health coach during their training, it also serves as a great reminder for all of us to speak less and listen more.   How many marriages, relationships, even work situations would turn out much better if we all talked a little less and listened a lot more.


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Listen Like A Health Coach


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