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Sadness Unveiled – No Man Too Old For A New Star

By on 06/25/2015


“Star light, star bright,

First star I see tonight;

I wish I may, I wish I might,

Have the wish I wish tonight.”

As a child, we have that one star we want to reach, one dream we always dream, and one goal we are so focused to achieve.  From an early age, we have are asked about what we want to do “when we grow-up?”   At that time, we are thinking about a career or a dream.  And then life goes on.

sadAs we get older, we give our all to reach a certain focus or goal.  But as the saying goes, “the only thing constant in this world is change“.   What if at some point in time, you have a change of heart and decide to start a different path?  What if this new goal or dream occurred to you at a point in your life when you are older, when other’s are “winding down”.  Would it be impossible for you to still do these things you want to do?

Most people, as they grow older, stop  dreaming.  They seem more focused on reaching the end of life rather than to continue to make new dreams and goals.  They’d rather work hard for their family or their self and think about a future retirement; retiring becomes their focused goal.  They dream of that one special day when retirement finally arrives and they will simply spend every day on vacation or living a peaceful life,  and leave dreaming to the younger ones.

Then that’s all about it.  The end comes next.

Do you ever wonder why we don’t seriously consider chasing new dreams at a later stage in life?   The reason is, most people believe it is pointless.  Pointless because we have a short amount of time left and we’re going to die soon anyway.  Pointless because we are now closer to the end than we are to the beginning.  Pointless because they have resigned their life to feebleness, sadness, forgetfulness and wasting away.  Is it a wonder why so many millions are depressed as they grow older?  I believe sadness is the result of unfulfilled dreams.

sadnessBut this does not have the be the inevitable scenario.  We do not have to let go of unfulfilled dreams, nor do we have to give up on making new dreams and goals.   When we reach retirement and beyond, we do not have to stop.

By nature, man is an ambitious being. Even old age must not stop a person from having new sets of goals.  You can’t teach an old dog, new tricks but I believe, that if we want something new and we are determined to get it, then who or what can be against us?  Not old age.

For instance, Colonel Harland David Sanders, in his early years, had been following different paths throughout his life from insurance agent to steamboat company operator to secretary to manufacturer to lawyer!  And at the age of 66 he followed another dream that ended him up launching the famous Kentucky Fried Chicken otherwise known as KFC.

Along the way, Colonel Sanders had success and failures but he never stopped pursuing each dream.  His age did not stop him, he did not let that “number” squash his dreams, he did not sit back in sadness and waste away his dreams.   In face, experience made him better and further  inspired him to dream bigger.  The older he grew, the more he dreamed and the stronger he pursued goals.

sadnessMotivation and inspiration are what it takes.

The fact is, we are inquisitive creatures designed by our creator to think, to wonder, to wish, to dream.  As long as we are alive, we should never stop dreaming no matter how old we are.  Dreams are not only for little children attending nursery or kindergarten.  Dreams and goals are a birthright given for everyone, from small children to aged-seniors. In short, dreams, ideas and new goals are for all ages.  And reaching one star doesn’t mean you can’t explore the next.

So, go out there, no matter what age you are.  Stop looking down at the ground and raise your eyes up to the stars.  There is  there’s a vast universe to explore and the stars are limitless.  Who knows, that one new star may make you the happiest that you have ever been.  And in the end, wouldn’t  you rather look back and say “I kept learning, dreaming and moving forward – I did it all”.




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Life as I Have Known it Has Been Finger Lickin’ Good
Harland Sanders, published 1974, 144 pages



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