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Ancient Stress Help Tips part 2 -Video Instruction

By on 07/16/2015
stress tip2
stress tip2

Stress Tip

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Stress Help2 With Full 38 min Follow-Along Yoga Video

Yoga, these researchers hypothesize, “re-balances the body’s Autonomics by removing any obstructions to proper nerve signaling.”

Well, all this is interesting, but are there any supporting studies out there? The researchers point to a study showing when the Vagus Nerve, (a parasympathetic nerve), is stimulated, there is a decrease in depression symptoms and a fewer seizure in those with epilepsy.

Another supporting study cited in the paper looked at yoga’s affect on GABA levels; GABA being a neurotransmitter in the brain. Low GABA levels are highly associated with anxiety and mood disorders as well as epilepsy and chronic pain. In fact, many anti-depressants and anti-epileptic agents work by increasing brain GABA levels. In this study, patients with depression and chronic pain were treated in two groups: one group was instructed to walk while another group did yoga. The yoga group showed significantly higher levels of GABA in their brains and they had better symptom improvement than the patients who walked.

So to conclude, Yoga has been known throughout the ages to be beneficial to one’s health, and as being especially good for stress management. This is the first time a comprehensive scientific hypothesis for how these results are achieved has been put forth and we look forward to major advance in understanding how yoga heals the body and provides a great tool for stress management.

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