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Turkey Soup Recipe – Turkey Rice Soup

By on 04/19/2015
turkey soup recipe

 Turkey Soup


Eat Cheap and Healthy – Turkey Soup Recipe



turkey soup recipe

Turkey Soup

When I was young, my mother was the queen of knowing how to make the most of whatever food we had available and making it last enough to feed a family of six. She loved cooking with Turkey because the cost per pound was lower than any other meat, she could substitute turkey for any chicken recipe, and we all loved the taste of Turkey.


In fact after all the meat had been removed from the bone and nothing was left but the bare carcass, she still found one more way to pull nutrition and flavor into another meal.  She would fill up the stock pot with water and submerge the turkey carcass into it.   Flavored with a generous supply of onion, garlic, celery and poultry seasoning, the lid would go on and heat source would fire up to start the turkey stock for soup.  Soon this familiar smell of turkey would waif throughout the house.


As soon as the stock began to boil she would turn down heat to a slow boil and remove the lid.  The stock would continue to cook like this for a couple hours all the while reducing the volume of water in the stock, which also concentrates the turkey flavor.  When the stock had reduced by about one half she would turn off the heat and let the stock cool down to a point where she could remove and discard the carcass.  This is also the time to strain the entire stock.  Straining removes the cooked vegetables and herbs,  and any small bones that may have detached, and helps to clarify the cloudiness of the stock.  If you have cheesecloth to strain through, that’s even better.

At this point you want to add back freshly cut onions, garlic, celery, carrots, and seasonings and to bring the soup back up to a slow boil.

About 40 min. before serving time mom would add uncooked rice to make the finished turkey rice soup.  Some families prefer noodles over rice, and if this is your preference, add the raw noodles about 15 min. before serving time.  My favorite variety of noodles to use in this soup is a wide egg noodle, preferably homemade.

Mom never used a recipe card for this soup, as it was just memorized in her head.  But I have always used recipes for almost everything I make so since I have already described my personal recipe in the preceding article, below I will share with you a recipe I found from Taste Of Home.  It looks identical to mom’s recipe but this one will give you a picture and recipe that you can print out.





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