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Winter Garden – What To Do In January

By on 01/28/2015
winter garden

Winter Garden

How to suffer through the winter doldrums?  By planning a winter garden, that’s how!  Though I cannot plant outdoors yet here in Southern Missouri, I sure have a couple things started indoors, with an eye of what I will plant next.

About 6 days ago I started some flats of early garden vegetables and greens.  I wanted to see what seeds that I still have on hand will germinate and do well so I took a flat left over from last year and planted cabbage seed, mustard seed and a few herbs (thyme, basil and oregano).

winter gardenAs you can see in the photo, the only thing so far to come up is my mustard.  It started shooting up on the 3rd day!  I will give it a little more time to decide if the seeds simply need to germinate or if they are no good.  These seeds were exposed to lots of INTENSE summer heat, sunlight, humidity, and all the elements I should have protected them from.  So I was not sure if ANYTHING would actually grow.

Now I am turning my sights toward peas and potatoes, since they will soon be planted directly into the ground here in southern Missouri.    My winter garden consists of a few items I am growing from plant scraps, herbs that I managed to rescue from the grocery store, and a few other odds and ends.  It’s time to open the seed catalogs and start circling the items we want to try this year and placing our orders.

winter garden ideas Who do you use as a resource reference, source of seeds and plants, and organice pest control?   My all time favorite place that I have used for 25 years is GARDENS ALIVE.

Check them out at their online website or click on the image –

Let me know  where you live and what you are doing to start your garden off too!

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