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Workplace Stress in America

By on 06/22/2015
workplace stress

Workplace Stress


workplace stressAccording to numerous studies, workplace stress has proven to be the number one source of stress to American adults.  In fact, we have seen an increase in the past few decades, and a dramatic increase these past 7 years since the recession started in 2008.  The increase which is assessed by the perception of possessing little control yet facing high demands is associated with the increase in cases of hypertension, heart attack, digestive distrubances and several other medical conditions.  In many municipalities such as Los Angeles and New York, police officers who suffer a heart attack whether on duty or off duty are compensated.  This is because they acknowledge the relationship between work stress and heart attacks.

Even though there have been several rankings of jobs based on stress levels, they have little or no real significance. because what determines job stress is not the definition of the job, but how a person responds to that environment. For instance, there are people who would do well while under pressure (like public speaking to a large gathering) as long as they feel they still have a certain level of control over the situation.  These folks would not enjoy working in an assembly line, which is what many people prefer to public speaking.  The stresses also vary for the same job depending on where you are posted. You should always remember this when allegations are made about high stress levels for teachers, police offices and other occupations.

Famous Youtube video clips of a stressful day at work for these workers:


Workplace stress is known to vary dramatically even in identical situations because it is a personalized phenomenon. In a survey that was conducted on police officers, results showed that they get more stressed filling the paper work compared to chasing criminals. The intensity of the work stress will be dictated by the number of demands that are being made and the sense of control possessed by an individual.  Studies also show that persons who perceive that they are under immense pressure and have little or no control over the situation are more prone to cardiovascular diseases.

Studies and surveys conducted in the USA show that occupational pressures and fears are the leading causes of workplace stress for most adults, and this keeps increasing annually.  Even though there are numerous statistics to support this, there are several factors that affect their validity including how the information was collected and how the selection of participants was done.  There are certain Labor Unions that conduct polls claiming certain occupations are “the most stressful”  with the main aim of increasing the wages and benefits of their members. Others conduct such polls with the aim of promoting their products.  You should try to put all factors into consideration when evaluating the following job stress statistics.

workplace stressAccording to NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) report:

  • 40% of workers in America reported to a job while under extreme stress
  • 25% of workers see their jobs as the leading cause of stress in their lives
  • 75% of employees believe that this generation experience more workplace stress than previous generations
  • 29% of these workers felt either a bit or extreme stress while working
  • 26% of the employees claim that they are often stressed after work

The report also claims that job stress is perceived as a leading cause of health complaints as opposed to family and financial problems. In another survey, the 2000 Integra survey, similar reports were also made including 12% of workers calling in sick because of workplace stress.   As you might expect, higher workplace stress is also associated with job security as many employees fear losing their jobs.

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